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Welcome to Hawaii Five-0 pic spam, I post 5 times a day, which include team caps, individual character caps, ship caps, ancillary characters and even caps to use as fic prompts. I take requests too! This blog is highly organized and all tags are uniform after the first post. There is a link above to my master list of tags. Follows get a "Welcome! Cap" (I pick one at random from my cap folder, unless you make a request for something specific or I have time to check out your blog and find one you may like) Enjoy!

Are there any H50 ‘ships that people want to see collections for that have NOT been posted?  Should I start repeating with the existing posted ‘ships?

I have posted/queued:

  • The Cousins(2nd queued)
  • McDanno(2nd queued)
  • McKono(2nd queued)
  • Danny/Grace
  • Steve/Cath
  • Kono/Danny
  • Chin/Danny
  • Kono/Lori
  • Steve/Lori
  • Chin/Malia
  • Steve/Chin
  • Danny/Gabby(queued)
  • Kono/Adam(queued)

Please let me know!  Please DO NOT answer with a ship name that is on the above list.   I am trying to make sure if anyone is a fan of a certain uncommon ship that they get ‘representation’ on this blog too.  (If you like a ship already on the list, and you want to answer still just say “repeat the ones on the list” or words to that effect.)  I will post collections of the popular/common ships about every 8-10 days.

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  1. g0ndorr answered: Steve/Cath and Chin/Malia!
  2. saphirabluish answered: Steve/Max
  3. imeanseriously98 answered: Could you do more Mckono Ships? that would be great thanks!
  4. falling-into-forevermore answered: McKono!
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